Sunday, October 24, 2010

Note #1. Love Story

September 7, 2009. My first plane ride. It was quite an unusual day. Rained cats and dogs, forgot my passport and other documents. Barely made it to my flight. 

Mixed emotions. I was pretty much excited 'coz it's my first time. First plane ride ever. First time to see and explore some foreign land. Nervous, I thought I'd never make it to NAIA because it was raining hard and I was a bit paranoid. 

I boarded the plane, ooh, there are some pretty attendants around here. Sweet. So this is what you get from boarding the World's 5-star Airline. 

The food was awesome. I was bored to death. 

Watched Friends on the control console, I was bored. Played games, got bored. 

Scanned through the music collection, and I saw Taylor Swift's album. Listened to the tracks, and the next thing I know, I was listening to the same album for seven straight hours. 

Thanks Taylor Swift for making my trip not-so-boring.

P.S. Love Story is not my favorite, it just so happened that the song makes me feel nostalgic whenever I hear it.


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